Monday, April 11, 2011

Storm on the Way

The Oklahoma City Thunder are going to be a torrential force to behold come playoff time.  I will talk more about the Thunder as the playoffs approach, but I just want to point out how thoroughly complete they look as a playoff team right now.  Today's win versus the Lakers might be a sign of things to come with the playoffs closing in.  A win against the defending champions late in the season might be a momentum boost for the team as they move forward.                   


  1. They look AWESOME. I wrote a few weeks ago about how Perkins defensive swag and "I'm going to make sure all 5 of us bring it defensively" effect on his teammates has been mini Ben Wallace like. And the Celtics look like the post Ben Pistons

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  3. Yup. The Thunder are mega-dangerous right now. I think they're the second best team in the West, and if Bynum is injured, I'm not sure if L.A. is better. So well-constructed....