Friday, November 25, 2011

A Thanksgiving Quickie

I wanted to quickly relay thoughts on some games this past week.

Harrison Barnes could go high in the next NBA draft.  
Memphis vs. Georgetown on Wednesday was a sweet game.  Henry Sims of Georgetown displayed fantastic feel in the post against bigger defenders, and his passing opened up the game for the Hoya shooters.  He's a senior and isn't getting much pro attention (understandably so, as he's undersized and a senior), but his offensive game is very useful in college.  Georgetown knows what to do with bigs in the post.

Lil Joe Jackson was quick as hell, too.  He had some terrible turnovers, but man, his ball-handling ability and quickness allowed him to get anywhere he wanted.  It's the start of his sophomore campaign, so if he can manage the game a bit better, he can hurt you.  

Duke vs. Kansas was the classic showdown.  As expected, Duke's perimeter advantage was the difference (though in an unexpected way).  I liked Mason Plumlee's play in the game; I need to see more of Mr. Rivers to talk about draft expectations.  

North Carolina looks good right now, albeit against a bad team.  I love Harrison Barnes as a college player, but...I see him as more of a borderline all-star with a high-bball IQ and great longevity in the pros.  Could be wrong though; I need to see more.  

Wow at UConn.  Jordan...

Ohio St. vs. Duke is what I'm looking at this Tuesday.

Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

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