Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's Not All Bleak

The NBA lockout has diehards feeling bad about cancelled games, and charity games only ease so much pain.  Few people relate to billionaires vs. millionaires, but when thousandaires- arena workers and team employees- get caught in the crossfire, there arises a human element.  These middle-class and lower-class workers are being launched into an unforgiving job market, something too many people can understand right now.

Arena workers set up entertainment at NBA arenas.
Some players have gone out of their way to help out.  Dinner is on Danny Granger in Indy, while Kobe Bryant and Luke Walton have helped out in L.A.  As the Granger article pointed out, the players shoulder half the blame for the workers currently being out of a job, but credit these players for showing some appreciation to the men and women who help them with their own jobs.

These players aren't giving the workers their jobs back, and these charitable acts only do so much.  But it's nice to hear some people rose to the occasion and reached out with a very human gesture.

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